A Philly – Foles Weekend

Sunday night, the Holidays, the Regular season finale; it all comes to a head.

I am sitting here enjoying a Charley’s Grilled Sub Philadelphia Steak & Cheese as we speak. It’s amazing. I’ve wanted one for weeks, and tonight with the wife out of town and me on puppy duty doing absolutely nothing I figured; why the Hell’s not.

Fresh off their 54-11 victory over the Bears on Sunday Night Football just three nights before Christmas (Highlights here), the Eagles find themselves in a winner-take-all ballgame this coming Sunday Night in a game that is the talk of the weekend.

Tony Romo is out for the year. So it’s going to be Kyle Orton. And I’ve got a feeling Orton will give the Eagles all they can handle (I put a big bet on Dallas +6.5 on the way home from work today). A lot of jobs in Dallas are riding on this game. I trust them more at home than that of Nick Foles, Chip Kelly, and the young Eagles defense on the road in a win-or-go-home game.

The Wiseguys agree with me: (:20 mark).

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