Super Bowl XLVIII


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I thought Russell Wilson could have been the MVP. He went 18 of 25 for 206 yards and 2 touchdowns. Here are his highlights from his first Super Sunday win.

When he hit Jermaine Kearse for a touchdown, it put the Seahawks up 36-0. This was no kind of game. The Seahawks were the best team in football this year. The 12th man deserved this win and deserved Lombardi’s trophy.

I was kind of surprised the MVP was a 7th rounder out of USC, Malcolm Smith. I know little about Smith but it’s hard to figure if he’s in the Seahawks long-term plans and would have liked to have seen the award go to Wilson.

Overall, I didn’t pay close attention to the game. My memories of this game will be spending the night quietly with my parents, my wife, and my aunt. My wife made her famous chili. My mom brought her chili. We spent The Weed Bowl watching some of the commercials, talking, and laughing.


The Seahawks are already favorites to win the 2015 Super Bowl.

I’m happy the 2013 Seahawks ended up champions. They were a very dominant team, defined by a great defense, a crushing running game, and a Quarterback that didn’t make many mistakes and continued to be as solid of a pro on and off the field as a team could ask for.

Offseason NFL

Two quick but awesome links.

The first, why Andrew Luck is the most untradeable player in the NFL.

Luck is only 24, meaning he has likely 12 to 14 years left where he can play at a high level and making him more valuable than the four best quarterbacks in the NFL — Manning (age 37), Tom Brady (36), Drew Brees (35) and Rodgers (30).

And second, NFL IS RETURNING TO SATURDAY IN 2014!!!!!!!

On Saturday December 20th, the NFL will broadcast a doubleheader of regular season games. I could not be happier. All I ask for is that the NFL gets back to the great memories I have for football as a kid. During the holiday season, to have two regular season Saturday games is just so magnificent.