It’s #MaddenSeason


It’s a ‘Maddenoliday’, I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored coffee today from Starbucks; those two things combined mean it’s football season.

I’m just a few short minutes away from the download of Madden 15 completing on my PS4; I’ll document some of the gameplay here on this blog as long as it doesn’t absolutely stink. I am excited to key up Nick Foles and the Eagles and run the Chip Kelly offense; as well as start a Franchise with the Panthers and my buddy Corey online.

I still remember back to the days I discovered Madden. When it was more innocent and better. That’s why I still play.

It is VERY hard for me to believe I’ve been playing this game for 23 years of my life now. Something about listening to that song in the ambulance montage takes me back to my childhood room; playing with the Cowboys and 49ers at times. Man times were good.

My Fantasy Team Absolutely Sucks (Fantasy Draft 1.0)

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.19.04 AM

My biggest mistakes:

1) I took Jordan Reed over Kyle Rudolph, and I had Rudolph queued up. I did this because I was distracted and my time on the clock was getting low. I’m going to be wishing this didn’t happen all year long because Rudolph is a big-bodied tight end and Reed is more in the mold of a wide-receiver and not a primary target. He’s also got injury question marks. A ranking system I trust says that Reed is the #15 overall tight-end and Rudolph is #5.

2) I could have taken the top kicker off the board like Matt Prater or Stephen Gostkowski, instead I took a bench guy, not realizing it was totally time to land a top kicker. Everyone got their kicker and I got stuck with Greg the Leg/Legatron.

3) One ranking system had Toby Gerhart pretty high, but everywhere else he’s not a top 20 RB. The system I was looking at when it came down to a tough decision had him as like the 25th overall fantasy player. I don’t think he’s anywhere near that.

4) I probably took Brandin Cooks too early. He might not even work out in the New Orleans offense and he’s a rookie. I reached too far there. Can he be the Saints new Darren Sproles?


What I like:

1) I got Nick Foles. I was scared to death he wouldn’t last until my pick.

2) Dez Bryant is the ‘Alpha-receiver’ on a team that is going to be in a lot of shootouts. I’m happy to have selected him 12th overall in the draft with my first rounder.

3) Justin Hunter, Markus Wheaton, or Terrance West; one of these guys is going to score a lot more points than anyone is saying they’re going to score right now.

4) I’ll take the Carolina defense any week. They said they were going to try for the all-time sack record. They’ll fall totally short of that, but I like the early season talk of it.

Cam Newton’s ankle cleared for return


It’s become clear to me that Cam Newton is probably my favorite watch in the entire NFL, possibly holding the category down as far as all-time goes as well. He’s cleared to get back into game action, with his head coach Ron Rivera saying that he’ll play around 40 plays in the Panthers next preseason game.

Also I really loved this read from MMQB by Peter King in which him and Newton made up.

He got right to the point. He said most of the people close to him wanted him to never speak to me again. Ignore me. I was one of the haters, so don’t deal with me; just deal with the media who were either fair—in their minds—or consistently supportive. “But I am my own person,” he said. “I think for myself. I make my own decisions. I decided I wanted to talk to you to see if we could work this out. I don’t want to walk the other way every time I see you. That’s not what a man does.”

Newton is a good kid, a likable guy, and it seems by all indications he has his head on straight. He’s going to be a success and the league and future holds tremendous things for him. I believe someday he’ll be inducted into Canton in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s my hope that he wins a Super Bowl or two before then.

Nick Foles struggles in Philadelphia Preseason Opener



Chip Kelly didn’t sound too concerned about Nick Foles’ preseason debut in which he went 6 for 9 for 44 yards and two interceptions, but what a coach says and what a coach feels are two different things.

“It’s one preseason game,” Kelly said. “You get X amount of snaps. We’ll make corrections and go from there.”

In contrast, Mark Sanchez was 7 of 10 for 79 yards and no turnovers. This could definitely turn into a storyline if Foles’ shaky play continues. Next time out – this Friday at New England – he’ll need to be a lot more sharp to quiet things down. If he exhibits shaky play again, the noise will grow a little louder.

I believe in Foles’ skills and especially his presence in Chip Kelly’s system. I think he’ll be better and he’ll be a success. But the last thing you want for a team and player you’re really pulling for is a new guy with starting experience and some young on his side (Sanchez) playing well enough to create a little pressure that doesn’t need to be there.

A lot of people that are expecting Nick Foles to struggle and mention a ‘sophomore slump’, but it’s important to remember this isn’t his second season in the league. It’s his third year as a pro, and he’s going to be the starting QB for parts of a third year. That’s going to be important I think in terms of how he handles himself as a professional rather than a player who is truly in their second season.