Nick Foles struggles in Philadelphia Preseason Opener



Chip Kelly didn’t sound too concerned about Nick Foles’ preseason debut in which he went 6 for 9 for 44 yards and two interceptions, but what a coach says and what a coach feels are two different things.

“It’s one preseason game,” Kelly said. “You get X amount of snaps. We’ll make corrections and go from there.”

In contrast, Mark Sanchez was 7 of 10 for 79 yards and no turnovers. This could definitely turn into a storyline if Foles’ shaky play continues. Next time out – this Friday at New England – he’ll need to be a lot more sharp to quiet things down. If he exhibits shaky play again, the noise will grow a little louder.

I believe in Foles’ skills and especially his presence in Chip Kelly’s system. I think he’ll be better and he’ll be a success. But the last thing you want for a team and player you’re really pulling for is a new guy with starting experience and some young on his side (Sanchez) playing well enough to create a little pressure that doesn’t need to be there.

A lot of people that are expecting Nick Foles to struggle and mention a ‘sophomore slump’, but it’s important to remember this isn’t his second season in the league. It’s his third year as a pro, and he’s going to be the starting QB for parts of a third year. That’s going to be important I think in terms of how he handles himself as a professional rather than a player who is truly in their second season.


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