Notes from a Sunday – 9.14.14

1. How many more Sunday’s until my daughter arrives? The countdown has officially begun. I figure my little girl will be here by week 11; November 16th. That means there are just nine more Sundays in what has been a lifetime of tradition until I am a father. It’s crazy to think about. I grew up watching this game as a kid and there are some things that still tie me to my childhood with watching the NFL this one day a week, and now I will finally have my own.

2. The Cleveland Browns upset the New Orleans Saints, 26-24. They didn’t take out nearly enough survivor entries. Johnny Manziel quietly made his NFL debut, handing off a couple times and throwing an incomplete pass. I can’t believe the Saints are 0-2.

3. Robert Griffin III, Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin, A.J. Green all deemed ‘hurt’ today.

4. The Cincinnati Bengals have done this before but they quietly look like a team who could be the AFC squad that steps up and challenges Denver this year. Andy Dalton seems like he has grown up. They had a convincing 24-10 win in Cincinnati over the Falcons. The Bengals really have it this year. I thought they were a sweetheart Super Bowl pick last year, and then Geno Atkins got hurt. Dalton is a year older now, and I feel like he’s destined to be something in the NFL. Something like an Eli or Matt Ryan; a successful QB.

5. My survivor pick; the New England Patriots, had an easy win over the Vikings in Minnesota. Surprised more in the field didn’t go with New England. My thought was there was no way Bill Hoodie is going to let his former student Matt Cassel beat him after the disappointing loss last week in the opener. The result was that Cassel threw four interceptions versus one touchdown. Patriots win 30-7.

6. I am glad the 49ers installed natural grass at Levi’s Stadium in the Bay Area. Good on them. I am so tired of field turf at every new stadium. I miss the grass in the days of my youth. I am watching the 49ers and the Bears as I type this. First Levi Stadium touchdown was a Kaepernick pass to Michael Crabtree. Let it be said, let it be written.

7. Cannot wait for next weekend’s NFL slate (always fun to look ahead). The games are absolutely insane, and the Eagles will get Kurt Cousins in Philly. The night will close with Pittsburgh visiting the 2-0 Panthers in Charlotte. The Panthers will be in those sick blue jerseys. There’s also the Weed Bowl rematch between the Broncos and Seahawks.

8. Speaking of the Seahawks; who looked unstoppable in the season opener, the Chargers took the fight to them today in San Diego. This is a game I really saw coming from a mile away. Russell Wilson was his usual solid self, but the ‘Hawks aren’t a team that can play from behind. Look at their rushing stats from today. Marshawn Lynch had six carries. Their leading rusher was Percy Harvin. If you can hang some points on them and get them into a game where they’re chasing scores, they’re beatable. My general feeling on them entering the season was that they’re going to slip some this season. The opener against the Packers made me re-think it. I am back to my initial gut feeling in that they’re obviously a good, but beatable team.

9. The Broncos will beat Seattle next week. I turned on the Broncos game today to see the Chiefs get a few cracks at tying the game from inside the 10 down 24-17; and I told my wife they would fail. They assuredly did fail. It was just like the Jets getting out to that 21-3 lead in Green bay. I wanted to tell my friend the Packers fan to calm himself. His texts went silent. Sure enough, the Jets fucked it all up and found their way to that 1-1 NFL parity that so many teams are already at. I just didn’t trust Geno Smith to go and get a game like that and I was right. He went 16 of 32, threw a pick, one TD, and generally looked like he always looks.

10. After the Eagles lose tomorrow night to the Colts, the NFL will have just six teams at 2-0: Carolina, Houston, Denver, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Arizona. Not a sparkling group and I would say only two to three of them will remain after next week. It’s just a league of parity and nothing you saw the week before meant anything. Every game is it’s own separate entity.

11. I think all of my fantasy football teams are going to be 1-1 after, with the exception of one. I don’t think anyone is going to 0-2. There’s even parity in fantasy football.


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