The Carolina Panthers are for real


The Carolina Panthers were my afternoon watch today – I’ve always loved Cam Newton – I think he’s the most captivating character in football and throws the best ball of any quarterback I’ve ever seen. The Panthers beat the Lions in their Charlotte home opener, 24-7.

That was an absolutely dominating performance by the Panthers today. It might not have been Cam Newton’s biggest statistical day as a pro; but this was about as fundamentally as good as I’ve ever seen him throw the ball in the pocket as a passer. He just stroked the ball all over the stadium, accurately and making tight window throws down the field that were through the deep flanks of the Detroit defense.

This team is legit. After picking against them last week and then this week again; I think I’ve finally bought in. While I’m also old enough to now know that it’s a long season and every team will face a crux of peaks, valleys, and drama all of their own; the Panthers with this current core are here to stay for a good long run.

This is a team that has now won 13 of the last 14 regular season games. Within that have been some unbelievable tests. This was as high-powered (albeit streaky) of an offense as there is in the NFL in the Detroit Lions. The Panthers just smacked them around up and down the field between the 20’s like it was routine. They were ‘dominant’. They didn’t have Greg Hardy; but the guy who filled in for him Mario Addison had 2.5 sacks.

The Panthers will still slip like every team in the NFL does. But they’re here to stay. They absolutely have the inside path on their division once again this season, and it appears that they could be the team quietly in the best position to challenge Seattle for the NFC dominance.


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