It’s Sunday


The Eagles have a bye week so we’ll need to find other sources of enjoyment this Sunday. We’ve got Cam Newton heading to Lambeau Field for his first game in the historic venue.

Other games of note are the Bengals traveling to Indianapolis, and Peyton Manning and the Broncos hosting the 49ers on Sunday Night Football. Plus a 4:30 PM tilt in Dallas between the Cowboys and my wife’s Giants.

It’s Sunday


It’s a Giants/Eagles Sunday; coming off a great NCAA Saturday in which we missed a lot due to visiting our sister at West Virginia Wesleyan.

The Eagles and Giants are on Sunday Night Football, and my wife is making vegetable soup. It should be a great Sunday. Other games in which we’ll have an eye on:

Carolina at Cincinnati
Detroit at Minnesota
Green Bay at Miami

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

It’s Sunday


Man it could be a great Sunday. Unfortunately I am down to my bookie and I do not like this feeling whatsoever. I have action on absolutely everything today it feels like. It’s harder to enjoy the games when that is the case.

I wish I could go back to the Sunday innocence of being a kid before I had discovered any of this mess. Maybe for a few hours I can return to that innocence.

Today’s games feature the Eagles against the Rams in Philly. I actually think there’s a good shot that the Rams give them all they can handle.

Happy Sunday and God Bless.

Other games of note are the Panthers hosting the Bears, and the Sunday night game is the Cincinnati Bengals in New England.