It’s Sunday


It’s Sunday. It’s probably finally my last Sunday without being a father. It’s almost my birthday. These NFL Sunday’s in my life have been very good to me in my past. But man, football season doesn’t feel good this year at all.

My fantasy teams all suck ass. I am losing money left and right on the fixed intricacies of the sport, every team I like sucks; Foles hurt, Newton stinking. Every team and player I like just blows. Madden 15 is awful. Football just doesn’t feel good to me anymore. This too, shall turn perhaps.

Today we’re headed to my family’s for dinner. My wife’s team plays a team I like with a lot of rain headed into Seattle (Giants at Seahawks). I’ve got a four team teaser that maybe I’ll hit for my birthday.

And no matter what happens I have a greater perspective now. This is obviously happening for a reason, so I don’t care as much about the money grubbing sport as I did in my youth so I can spend the time and be a better father. That has to be it. There’s nothing about this sport I really care about that much anymore.


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