The Day I realized Andrew Luck & the Colts were my Horses



[ESPN] [PFT] [Indy Star]

This was Andrew Luck’s signature win – at 25 years of age on a Sunday evening to cap off a January weekend in Denver a changing of the guard took place. Luck wasn’t purpose, but I’ll have to re-watch this game when I order a copy of it from here. He went 27-43 for 2 TD and 2 INTand 265 yards. It was more the big game bravado than the stat-line from Luck. It’s something that you would have seen Elway do at age 25, going into a hostile territory as a touchdown underdog (I lost a 3-team teaser on this game) and knock off a Hall of Fame Quarterback. Luck is a future Hall of Fame guy, one of the few in the game you can say that about.

Hell, Jim Fassel said he would be the greatest ever.


It put Luck one game from the Super Bowl. You knew he wouldn’t go into New England and win. But before Deflategate; before a Super Bowl that ended on one of the worst coaching calls in the history of the game; there was Luck and the Colts getting it done in Denver.  This is my team.

Video Highlights:

Nice of the NFL to finally put stuff on YouTube!


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