Things I’m already missing about Sundays & Football Season


I am really finding myself struggling for things to do on Sunday now that the NFL season is over. Before the season ended when it was drawing to a close, and all my teams (especially the Colts) were drawing dead; I felt like I was ready for it to end and a new chapter to begin. But I realize now more than ever the NFL has me hypnotized.

I have NFL Network on constantly, NFL Sirius radio on in my car non-stop. I still enjoy listening to Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan’s takes on anything football more than any other type of radio. I can’t wait for the NFL combine for some reason; and I’m even more excited for the NFL draft. But here are the things I miss about waking up on an NFL Sunday:

  1. Going to get coffee at Starbucks and waiting for that first dip right at kickoff.
  2. Popping a vicodin to relax a little extra.
  3. Burning one of these during the games (I’m burning the last of mine right now for the year, and until next Christmas season there won’t be more. The smell alone just reminds me of football in my home.)a270b4f64b517b48493626f94f4e2a74
  4. Turning on NFL Network early in the morning to see the NFL Gameday crew talking about anything and everything. I didn’t wake up nearly early enough this year especially after having our daughter, many times sleeping until 10 or 11 AM. Next year I’m going to make sure I’m up early to soak it all in.
  5. Seeing Andrew Luck throw passes like this one.
  6. Setting my fantasy lineup.
  7. Studying the lines all week and placing my bets just before kickoff in the afternoon.
  8. My wife’s chili.
  9. The Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal Podcast, usually a staple during my NFL season; which I slacked on towards the end of the year.
  10. Reading the MMQB column on Monday mornings at my desk during the season, picking out the most useful parts and Peter King’s talking points at the end of the column. I need to start reading this during the offseason.
  11. Listening to Colin Cowherd talk NFL football, which he does very little of this time of year on ESPN radio. Thus, I really don’t listen. Colin started to lose out to Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller on Movin’ the Chains anways in 2014.
  12. Saturday nights awaiting the big day on Sunday.
  13. Thursday night football.
  14. My Monday Night Madden Match-up series with my friend Corey.
  15. Drew Magary’s Thursday Deadspin NFL Jambaroo’s.
  16. Wearing my Colts gear and Andrew Luck jersey.
  17. The satisfaction of my team sitting in the clubhouse with a win at 4:00 PM ET, watching the other action and drama unfold.
  18. Watching the press conferences of losing teams after gut-wrenching moments and losses.
  19. Snow games
  20. Cold weather feeling special. While this time of year it feels like a drag, during football season snow and cold weather make a Sunday feel extra special. Like it’s really football season.
  21. The appetizer that is NCAA College Saturday’s. Scouting for prospects that could help certain teams and the Colts in the future. Seeing a guy and saying “man, I hope they land him”.
  22. Picking an image for my ‘It’s Sunday’ posts.
  23. A Football Life series on NFL Network.
  24. Football Night in America broadcasts that recap the day’s action.
  25. Football around the holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas – and to a lesser degree Halloween.

So in seven short very long months, football will be back. Sandwiched in there will be free agency, the draft, the Hall of Fame, and a myriad of other stories to react to. God-willing it goes by quickly. But I am finding myself missing NFL season worse then I ever have at this point of year. Maybe baseball season will help that some, but I doubt it.


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