Football Lords, Please let this one happen


Jimbo Fisher says the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have contacted him already about Jameis Winston.

Don Banks has him going number one overall to Tampa in his latest mock draft for Sports Illustrated.

Peter King has him going to Tampa Bay as well but mentions that GM Jason Licht is concerned with his interceptions in college (he also has the Eagles trading up to get Marcus Mariota).

If this happens – if this kid goes number one overall to Tampa – as much as I love Andrew Luck and the Colts and the connections to Indianapolis here in the Midwest; it’s going to be insanely hard to turn away from the temptation of completely rooting for Winston in the pros more than I’ve ever rooted for any other player.

He remains my favorite college prospect of all time, for a variety of reasons. Cam Newton being number two, and Andrew Luck (my favorite player in the pros) at number three. I think Winston will be a Hall of Fame talent and play in multiple Super Bowls. I think he’ll be a complete superstar with a good completion percentage and Roethlisberger rookie low turnover ratio. Most of all, I think this guy is going to just win, win, win in the NFL. He’s just going to find a way time and again.

Tampa Bay has to pick this guy. I won’t be able to deal with it if he ends up in Tennessee or some other awful spot I would have a hard time following his career there ala Vince Young.


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