How Grantland would address keeping Andrew Luck happy


I read this entire article over at Grantland by Robert Mays, something I do more rarely these days with a straight commission job and a three month old baby.

Mays talks about how they would address the Colts, the current state of the roster, how Indianapolis got to the current state, and where they could be headed.

Above all – Mays draws parallels between Lebron James early in his tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers and how the Colts have a once in a lifetime ‘generational’ talent in Andrew Luck. As the years roll by without a championship, time feels like it is ticking by quickly. I’m happy with the Colts progress to an AFC Championship appearance but it’s not going to get any easier to take the next step in 2015 with the way the NFL manufacturers winners and only two teams can play in the Super Bowl.

Still, Mays points towards the Colts ability to spend money this off-season and a full arsenal of draft picks at Ryan Grigson’s disposal.

I don’t know exactly what the Colts should do. I feel like they need to hit on a great offensive lineman in this draft. They need to find something that works at running back, but I don’t necessarily want it in the first round. I’m not really as sold on the talent at receiver as others. I like the weapons in Hilton, Allen, and Fleener just fine. I know Moncrief has upside, but I don’t think his ceiling is that high and I see him as more of a three or four receiver. Who knows about Hakeem Nicks. I honestly would love to see the Colts somehow get Jaelen Strong; and I want this kid badly. He’s probably the guy I would like to see them take most in the first round if he’s there. I’m tempted by Dorial Green-Beckham, but realize he has some character issues which the Colts will probably avoid with the rash of things that have plagued them recently. Plus, a guy who I thought had superstar upside Da’Rick Rogers was released after getting arrested for DUI. That was a bummer for me because I thought Luck could have turned him into a star but football first was not the priority with the kid.

If the Colts could snag Andrus Peat out of Stanford, I think that’s a home run type pick. They’ve had such good luck (no pun) with Stanford players. I think that would make Andrew Luck happy.

Draft some corner with athletic upside late and they’re obviously going to have to heavily address the defensive line, but I’m hoping someone like Suh (pipe dream) or Worilds (expensive) is bought in free agency no matter the price. Those are the things that Super Bowl caliber teams have to do while the window is open.

If Devin Funchess falls to the third round, give him a look as well. With the way the Colts play Fleener out wide, I think Funchess fits into the equation in that manner as well. I am very concerned with the weapons around Andrew Luck and if this draft is all about tooling the talent around him and addressing the defense through free agency and undrafted free agents, I think that’s the best way to approach 2015’s roster build.


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