Growing speculation that Chip Kelly, Eagles trade up for Marcus Mariota

Pete Prisco is a writer I like a lot. He says the deal must be done – reuniting Chip Kelly with his favorite college player ever and his former recruit at Oregon – Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota.

Prisco breaks down for us how it can happen:

Philadelphia’s 20th pick is worth 850 points. That would mean a deal up would need an additional 1,200 to 1,350 to move up to No. 3 and 800 or so to move to No. 6. Based on the chart, the Eagles would have to give up that 20th pick, next year’s first-rounder (I used 25, which would be a value of 720), their second-round pick this year — No. 52, with a value of 390 points — and a third next year (No. 89, with a value of 145 points).

That adds up to 2,095 points, so it’s in the ballpark to get to the third spot and enough to get to No. 4. It could be amended based on the negotiation, but you get the idea.

That would seem like a ton, especially for a team with holes on defense. The Eagles finished 29th and 28th in total defense the past two seasons.

But franchise quarterbacks cure your ills and average ones expose them. Mariota might not be a great fit in a lot of offenses, therefore the ability to cure ills is at question with some offenses, but in Kelly’s system I think he would help overcome a lot of issues.

I already like watching the Eagles offense. I really thought Nick Foles had a great future as their Quarterback, but it’s obvious Kelly has fallen out of love with him; if he ever really had love for him at all.

Bringing Mariota to Philadelphia would add another team that would be over the top fun to watch next year along with Jameis Winston in Tampa if it happens.

I guess at the end of the day I don’t expect the Eagles to really go as far as they’ll need to go, to give up as much as they’ll need to give up with one player. But when a team goes for it and does it like Washington did with trading up for Robert Griffin; I really respect it. If you don’t have a QB, there’s no sense in building towards anything at all. You find the signal caller, then you build the cockpit around him.

There are a growing amount of reports that the Eagles are ‘determined’ to land Mariota. Enough that you know they’re more than talking about it internally exactly how to go about getting this done.

I think Mariota lands in New York with the Jets at the sixth pick, but if there’s a trade made; I think it could very likely be the Eagles. If not, look for them to take Brett Hundley and groom him for the job behind poor Nick Foles who is a lame-duck QB.


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