Jameis Winston in Tampa to visit with Ownership

Jameis Winston was in Tampa today to meet privately with Buccaneers ownership (The Glazer Family); in maybe the most telling tip of the hand yet that the Bucs are seriously interested in the home-state product out of Florida State.

I’ve started to make Joe Bucs Fan a daily spot – it’s an awesome Tampa Bay Bucs blog – and the guy is totally (and rightfully) behind the Buccaneers drafting the most talented QB prospect in the last decade when the time comes. The guy must be getting a steady of influx of traffic due to this. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be interested in what Tampa Bay is up to; but because Jameis Winston could be headed there they instantly have appeal to me. In a brilliant move, Joe has a daily feature titled “Jameis Watch” and he basically misses nothing that happens to the franchise.

The guy basically has achieved exactly what I want to do with my blogging career and appears to have sources at One Bucs Nation as well as around the league – he attended the combine and rubbed elbows with some pretty big-time people around the NFL as well as at the Senior Bowl. He’s well connected and thinks Jameis will be the pick.

He was on Tampa Sports Radio to break down Jameis’ visit:

“If this is the route we’re going to go, let’s find out now. If we’re gonna go Mariota, lets get some elements of the spread in Free Agency whether it be WR or another QB that matches that spread set. So they wanna get going on this. This to me clearly suggests that they’re seriously considering Winston or he wouldn’t be in this early. If there’s something they don’t like about Winston it’s fish or cut bait time right now, if his charisma or something is over the top.”

“I think it’s highly-irregular to have him in this early. Teams are very busy right now. To have him in this early tells me the Glazers wanna know ‘are we gonna get through this meeting and put our thumbs down on this guy?'”

“Pat Kirwan thinks this is the start of a PR Campaign. Get ready Tampa Bay, here comes Jameis. The Twitter feed today is pumping out A LOT of photos of Jameis with Vincent Jackson, etc. Pat Kirwan on NFL Radio thinks this is the beginning of a PR Campaign.”

“This could turn into two or three days, but it can’t happen at One Buc Place. They could continue this in ‘gray area’ in Orlando and drag this out two or three days”.

The Bucs have to draft this fuckin’ guy. There’s no other way about it.


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