Eagles and Mark Sanchez ‘mutual interest’ for a return to Philly

Man, the Eagles and namely Chip Kelly are such assholes.

I don’t like the way Chip Kelly is jerking around what I perceive to be a young All-Pro caliber Quarterback in Nick Foles. Today, the storyline takes another turn in that direction. Reportedly the Eagles would like to bring Mark Sanchez back in 2015, and Sanchez wants to come back because; no one else really wants the guy.

The Mark Sanchez I saw in 2015 was the same turnover prone guy I’ve always remembered. He’ll make you pause or turn your head with a breath-taking throw on one play and throw a crushing interception or lose a fumble on the next.

I just can’t figure out why Kelly is so against giving Nick Foles one more year with the job? Foles’ teammates are behind him. Multiple outlets have reported that the locker room is won over by Foles who is a quality leader who despite an up and down year last year that ended with injury, the guy has shown the ability to be phenomenal in the league.

This all ends with Kelly making too bold of a call one too many times and not winning to back it up. He’s clearly smitten with Marcus Mariota and while we think he probably loses out on that deal and fails to acquire him; bringing back Sanchez for more back and forth with him and Foles isn’t going to result in success.

If the Eagles do acquire their long-term future in Mariota, Sanchez probably fits that back-up profile a lot better than Foles based on a little more mobility.


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