I remember this one, too

I’m having all kinds of fun on YouTube tonight with old NFL highlights from my childhood.

The caption of this one says it all:

Yancey Thigpen’s drop of a sure touchdown pass on 4th and goal with 12 seconds left gives the Packers their first division title in 23 years on Christmas Eve, 1995.

I had this game on in my room. I was waiting for my grandparents to come over for our Christmas Eve celebration. They always returned home from Florida just a day or two before Christmas. And man, was I excited to see them because for me on this Christmas they had the favorite present I would ever get for Christmas – and they let the cat out of the bag early before returning home from Deltona. With them for Christmas they had a 1994 Brett Favre ROOKIE Kenner Starting Lineup Figure! The holy grail of figures at that time, and Brett Favre was like a God to me in those days.

Christmas eve football at Lambeau with the snowflakes falling and a game down to the wire, while mom was in the kitchen making a meal. Things like that you’ll just never re-create, you’ll never have again. But another magical memory for me that ties me to my family.


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