Thinking about 1992, Week 3

I spent the day with my mother and what little family I have left. It was an awesome Saturday with my sister, father, my mother on her 62nd birthday, my wife and baby girl. They’ve all went to bed, and I’m sitting out here watching old Brett Favre highlight clips on YouTube. I came across one I remember well. A big moment that at the moment, no one knew would be the birth of a legend. I remember exactly where i was when this happened.

I was at my Uncle Frank’s in Cincinnati, Milford to be exact. I was in his upstairs room spending a lot of the morning playing Madden ’92 on the Sega Genesis I had brought there for the weekend. Being that they were the local team in town, the Bengals were of course on television that day. The rest of the nation didn’t get to see what Brett Favre pulled off that day. But I did. I was laying on the floor of what would become my cousin Joey’s nursery. Little Joey was the family’s first baby since my cousin Gina – he was born July 1st, 1992 – just two months old and change when this happened. He was about the age my little daughter is now. I was absolutely crazy about him. We were there to see him!

I tried to remember some other stuff I remembered about that week in the NFL (one thing I love about a Football-Reference box score is that you can see what else goes on in the NFL that week while viewing one box score).

I remember the Steelers won – my Aunt Lisa’s brother Shawn loved the Steelers and he was talking trash that day. I played the Steelers on Madden that day and I remember Merril Hoge of all people scoring against me. He watched me play for a while.

But some other stuff happened that day I have no recollection of:

  • The Bills rolled my Colts 38-0 before I loved the Colts. They were helpless and the Bills were mighty.
  • The Browns (my Uncle’s love) got the win in Oakland despite being underdogs 28-16 behind three Todd Philcox TD passes. Eric Metcalf had a huge day, but the Browns really got nothing else on offense – check out the box score.
  • Steve Young and the 49ers covered their road four points they were laying at the Meadowlands easily, rolling the Jets 31-14. This was when Steve Young was really entering his heyday as a QB. I remember my Uncle telling me that there was a new Joe Montana type in town and that Young was arguably going to end up as good as Montana was.
  • The Oilers had a pretty good team back then, and they beat the Chiefs and Dave Krieg at the Astrodome 23-20 behind a couple Warren Moon touchdown passes. Man, I really miss the Oilers. Talk about the good old days of the NFL. They always kind of intrigued me from afar. I loved Moon.
  • Dan Marino and the Dolphins rolled the Rams in Miami. The Rams were quarterbacked by Jim Everett. Listen to these names! All these guys were the names I grew up with – I figure because I wore that damn Madden ’92 game out on Sega.
  • The two teams who are mighty now were 2-14 seasons in the making then. The Seahawks beat New England 10-6 in a sleeper of a game. Kelly Stouffer and Hugh Millen were the QB’s. These were two teams as a kid I just paid no attention to. No one did.
  • Mark Rypien and the Redskins won a late 4:00 start at RFK Stadium 13-10 over the Lions. Rypien got through three interceptions that day, and the ‘Skins failed to cover. My boy Art Monk had one catch. I loved the 1992 Redskins, eventual World Champions.
  • The Eagles and Randall Cunningham absolutely rolled the Broncos 30-0, behind three Cunningham touchdowns. Elway threw for 59 yards and you guessed it, had no semblance of a running game at that point.

Just one Sunday in my life, the way things used to be. A little bit like the way things were today, minus it being a Saturday and no NFL football to tie the memories to other than making this entry on the blog. My little cousin Joey who we were there to see that day is now a senior in college in his final semester. No matter what happens, I’ve always got the warmth of the memories to live in no matter how long I live; even though some pillars of my family have passed and some of us have grown apart. And I’ve got new memories to make with the time that I have left with my own little one.

And 1992 in the NFL was just a really great time in my life as a 10 year old kid. All these guys were larger than life.


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