Peter King: Jameis Winston requested meeting with Roger Goodell


Now for your daily dose of our favorite college QB of all time.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King teased some big news (that wasn’t) on late Tuesday night on his twitter account:

King followed up with this story on MMQB – and as he said it was nothing earth-shattering at all.

Winston was not summoned to see Goodell because of his checkered background off the field. In fact, it was Winston who initiated the meeting back in January.

The backstory: One of Winston’s agents, Greg Genske, told me Tuesday that once Winston declared for the draft he wanted to meet with Goodell, both to tell his own story and to get the lay of the land about his future in the league. Sometime in February, Goodell agreed to meet Winston. That meeting occurred last week. As Genske said, it was more of an informational/educational meeting than anything else—though Winston did get his chance to tell his story to Goodell.

“He went out of his way to make a good impression, and to show that he understood what was going to be expected of him in the NFL,” one league executive who participated in one of the series of meetings said Tuesday night.

King goes on to say what came out of the meeting was the voiding of Winston’s twitter account. My hope is that Winston not only made a good impression on Goodell seeing as how he’s set to be the number one overall pick and a face of one of the NFL’s 32 franchises, but learned key things NOT to do early in his career. You hope he’s a beacon of light for the league like Andrew Luck or Teddy Bridgewater have been. Or even Cam newton could be used as an example of a guy who has mostly stayed out of trouble off the field despite coverage of his checkered past.

I cannot wait for Jameis’ NFL career to get underway so items like this are a non-story and we’re talking about the building of the Buccaneers roster around him and his play instead of these things that will not be mentioned in five years time.


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