Talking Jameis Winston with Gil Brandt on Sirius XM NFL radio

Jameis sure is looking trim these days.


I called into Sirius Radio for the first time tonight to speak with one of my all-time favorite personalities surrounding the game, Gil Brandt.

I was the last caller prior to the news breaking about Chris Borland retiring, they went with the news (crediting ESPN) right after Gil finished answering my question.

My question was – I would like to see Jameis Winston end up in Tampa Bay – can we start to kind of lock that in as a given and forget about the Buccaneers taking the ‘Quarterback from Oregon’ (stating it as only Gil likes to).

Gil’s response:

I think they’re gonna run the offense similar to Atlanta the last few years being that they hired their coordinator (Dirk Koetter). And I had a lot of chance to talk to Tampa’s General Manager this past Thursday (at Mariota’s pro day) and what I was told was they have had two different people; private investigators digging deep into Winston’s past and doing a lot of homework on the guy. They’ve talked to about 75 people about his past, 75 sources and my feeling is their finding is that he’s a pretty good guy. At this point – I would be shocked; SHOCKED – if he was not the choice by Tampa.

So there you have it.


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