Dan Marino, the 90’s, and a blockbuster commercial

I remember this commercial rolled out around the time I first got my Sega Genesis back in 1993. I didn’t have a ton of games to start, but I had Madden 92′ and Sonic the Hedgehog. It was a magical time in my life. Madden was the most amazing video game football experience that I had ever had to that point. Sonic was what all the kids were playing.

I remember instead of buying new games, my parents were big on blockbuster rentals. To me, this opened an entire new world. I recall renting games like hockey (later bought it) and The Simpsons.

So much back in that day in age of 1993 that I remember well:

  • Dan Marino and that Blockbuster commercial – him playing the same Madden game that I did. Marino was pretty much on top of the world still in ’93 except for that gruesome leg injury.
  • My grandma LOVED her some Danny Marino as she called him. If the Bengals weren’t playing, she was sure to have the Dolphins and Don Shula on. I was very close with my grandparents (now departed) around this time. They moved in with my mom and I and it was one of the happier years of my life due to their presence.
  • Bret Hart – my favorite wrestler of all time – was just coming into his own and had his first run as WWF World Heavyweight Champion at this time. I was real into WWF during this era.
  • The NFL was awesome back in 1993. The game hadn’t gone so corporate yet. Field turf wasn’t infiltrating every stadium slowly one by one. Teams still wore a lot of traditional uniforms instead of the stupid Pro-Combat look they’ve switched to today. Guys didn’t change teams quite as often. By all accounts, the NFL might be more popular in present day; but it was a more meaningful game back in 1993.

Just had to throw this up here on the blog.


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