NFL Veteran Combine Post

Here are notes as I watch the NFL Veteran Combine (a first-time NFL event) that received one hour’s worth of run-time on NFL Network.

  • Just turned it on to see Brady Quinn kind of leading off the show, saying all the right things; under-throwing a few receivers deep. Apparently this isn’t live because I saw this post on earlier today. Still has that same delivery I remember from Cleveland.
  • Dan Jeremiah said between Quinn, Mike Kafka and Tyler Wilson; these guys have a real chance to stick this year on a roster because after the top two QB’s it’s not a deep or great draft class.
  • Lots of Michael Sam coverage – can this guy just go the Hell away? No one cares! Wake me up when a gay guy who can play football at the NFL level comes out.
  • Jamaal Anderson the Defensive End is going through some drills. They said he ‘moved well today’, I didn’t realize his production was limited to 7.5 sacks in six seasons!
  • Jeremiah says that Anderson is a 3-4 DE that can play the run downs as a big body. I would bet he gets another shot.
  • Felix Jones, back from the dead! Jeremiah says if he can block and catch he can get back in the league as a third-down back. Solomon Wilcotts says perform a physical and make sure he’s 100% and then he can be helpful in some situational spots in games.
  • Michael Bush and Mikel Leshoure are mentioned, Leshoure apparently looked better than Bush and ‘has some juice left’ Jeremiah says.
  • Just read this post about Michael Bush, it’s kind of sad.
  • I missed a significant portion of what happened next because I was getting my four month old settled before bed.

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