Tampa Ownership ‘Comfortable’ with Jameis Winston

This is hardly groundbreaking, as it’s been reported before over at Walter Football prior to Jameis Winston making an official visit to One Buc Place in Tampa. But Joel Glazer says that the Buccaneers ownership is ‘comfortable’ with the presumptive number one overall pick.

“You know, we spent a lot of time with Jameis. We spent a lot of time with Marcus Mariota. There are other potential players that could be up there with the first pick. But yes, we as an organization are comfortable. We’re comfortable with Jameis,” Glazer said, via JoeBucsFan.com

“We found both Jameis and Marcus to be impressive young men when we spent our time with them. Great success in college. Both academically very successful. Unbelievable amount of work on both players and other potential players in this draft. We as an organization are comfortable.”

To me, this just isn’t ground-breaking. I am a little bit tired of the little poker game that the Tampa organization is needlessly playing with Winston while he makes visits to the Titans and Jets. In my mind, they should get Winston signed, get the suspense out of the way; trust in what others have told them leading up to the draft and give the man a playbook. Make him yours, put your stamp on the organization and start divulging energy into other things.

Charles Davis of NFL Network said the following on last night’s edition of ‘Path to the Draft’:

“I think [the Bucs] will go all the way down to the wire and then go on the clock and [then] announce that Jameis Winston is their guy,” Davis said. “Why? Becuase of everything that has happened in the past. I believe they want [Winston] to prove all the way through, no more hiccups. No more bobbles. No more off-the-field quote/unquote incidents.

“[Winston] has been doing a fantastic job on the run up to this. I mean, I don’t think he could have done a better job in answering the questions along the way, lighting up a room wherever he went, dominating things at the combine — the visits with teams? All I have heard is just off-the-charts with him.

“But I don’t know if Tampa will afford him that luxury of, ‘OK, he’s our guy.’ And 30 days out [from the draft], start negotiating.”

So perhaps this is the reason – albeit not a good one – but a reason the Buccaneers are being so damn coy about this right down to the end.

I’m watching the 1992 AFC Wildcard game “The Comeback” between the Houston Oilers and the Buffalo Bills. It got me thinking about something else. Winston enters the league – why is he not a perfect fit for a modified Run and Shoot type offense?

It would help the Tampa run game, and Winston can make the calls at the line to decide when to run the ball (when he sees five in the box). Sure, Winston lacks the mobility the offense calls for, but he certainly has the quick release needed for it.

In this game I am watching, the Oilers possessed a 35-3 lead at one point. Everyone seems to know that part of history. What they likely don’t know, is that the Oilers called just four run plays to 22 pass plays down the stretch of the game, failing to salt away the clock and seal the sure victory.

Still would like to see Winston throwing to the Tampa receivers in some iteration of the run and shoot.


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