The Day Lovie Smith tipped Tampa’s Hand


Today was the day – I’ll always remember this day.

During the NFL owners meetings in Arizona, the NFC coaches breakfast to be exact; Lovie Smith basically said the Buccaneers as of today are drafting Jameis Winston.

When asked at the owners meeting Wednesday if it would be an “erroneous assumption,” to believe the Bucs will choose Winston over Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota or another player, Smith shook his head.

“No, I wouldn’t say it’s an erroneous assumption,” Smith said. “I would say when people make that assumption, we haven’t had the pro workout (for Winston) yet. But we’ve done a lot of research, have watched a lot of video and had both of them in and talked with them individually and had them on the board. But the process, the game isn’t over yet. I think you can have a leader, but you have to let the game play out, and we’re doing that.

“We’re excited about this final stage almost to decide exactly which direction to go.”

Winston’s pro day is this coming Tuesday. My DVR is already set. It really is the final chapter in what will decide if Winston ends up in Tampa if he’s not already the pick for Tampa.

Hear the full audio of Lovie Smith today here.


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