Eagles offered a farm for the #1 overall pick to Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay would not be won over, I believe Jason Licht when he said they were pretty dead set on Winston for a long time. Here’s what Chip Kelly offered to Tampa Bay for the number one overall pick – when Jay Glazer reports something, it is as good as the gospel:

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Eagles were willing to send to Tampa Bay two first-round picks, a quarterback, and another player. Per Glazer, the discussions never got to the point where they identified the players to be shipped to the Bucs.

This likely means that the Bucs turned down two first rounders, Sam Bradford, and either Fletcher Cox or the linebacker Kendricks.

Chip Kelly offered half of his roster in trades, alienating the locker room. He dangled his used up starting QB. He tried everything he could to swindle. And yet, the Bucs did the right thing and decided to start from scratch and make their own way.

Thank you Tampa for not being dissuaded by this little Toad Man who coaches the Philadelphia Eagles.


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