Reviewing the RG3 Trade, Three years in

I remember when Washington landed Robert Griffin III, it seemed like the NFL would never see a bigger star. Three years later, Uproxx is taking a look at the trade and reviewing it in heavy detail to see just how good St. Louis got Washington.

The truth is, to this point the Rams have not really ripped off Washington that badly.

So the Rams traded one pick and wound up with three defensive starters, a running back who had one solid year before falling off, and an offensive lineman who hasn’t shown anything yet, but still could. What the Rams still don’t have, however, is a franchise quarterback (unless you believe more in Nick Foles than I do). But does Washington?

Alec Ogletree is probably the gem in the trade. He’s a great linebacker. But other than that, Stedman Bailey, Isiah Pead, Zac Stacey, and OT Greg Robinson have been underwhelming. Janoris Jenkins and Michael Brockers have just been okay.

It’s not that this makes it sting any less for the Redskins. The team still gave up a ton of value. It’s just that the Rams didn’t draft as well as they could have with the picks they received.


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