Jameis Winston’s First Day of Rookie Minicamp


Of course, we’re in Ohio so we couldn’t be on hand for this one, JoeBucsFan gives his impressions live from the start of minicamp:

*Jameis Winston mania begins. But young Jameis did not part the Red Sea or do anything worthy of a magazine feature. Joe can see the leadership, however. Jameis carries himself with a lot of energy and plenty of intensity, and he’s loud barking out calls. Jameis also is all about accountability. He’s very quick to take ownership of a bad throw. Once he even screamed out, “Sorry,” after throwing a wounded duck of a ball on a 20-yard toss. Calm down haters, that ended a drill and it sure seemed liked it slipped out his hand.

*On the field, Jameis clearly has pop on the ball, but touch, too. Joe liked seeing Jameis be very comfortable in three-step drops. Joe was envisioning plenty of those from offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.

Joe is clearly a fan of WR Kenny Bell from the get go. It will be fun to see if Kenny can play his way into some formations by the time fall rolls around.

And man, does Jameis look good in that Buccaneer Bruce Orange or what?


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