Rookie Minicamp Notes, Day Two


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie minicamp wrapped up today with day two. We have a firsthand account of what went down there courtesy of

Yes, it is all about the new Bucs quarterback, America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Winston was much more on point today than he was yesterday. He made beautiful throws, especially along the sidelines. And he made some smart throws.

Alas, Jameis proved mortal with a few inaccurate throws.

At one point, Joe noticed Winston trying to hit Tyler McCullough down the right sideline. It was overthrown. McCulloch skied high for the pass, to no avail.

Joe thought surely Jameis way overthrew the ball. But no! Joe immediately heard wide reeivers coach Andrew Hayes-Stoker chiding McCulloch for not finishing his route. “Why did you stop?” Hayes-Stoker barked.

Naturally, if a wide receiver doesn’t complete his route and stops to look, a ball will be overthrown. Joe heard Hayes-Stoker all afternoon harping on the receivers to fully run their routes and not stop. Even Kenny Bell was scolded for this once.

And also:

* Bill Walsh would be proud. Jameis is leading receivers about a foot in front. This was a Walsh mantra: He demanded his quarterbacks lead the receivers by 12-inches which leads to YAC.

* Whoops. Jameis is human after all. He throws behind wide receiver Chandler Jones on a crossing route. Jones is still able to haul in the pass.

I know a Dirk Koetter offense (uptempo, using the pass to set up the run) is no iteration of the Run & Shoot or a Bill Walsh offense; but man I would love to see Jameis in either one of those.


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