Jameis Winston surpassing expectation of Rookie Minicamp


Jim Corbett of USA Today did a nice feature story that paints a pretty picture of how Jameis Winston’s minicamp went over the weekend. You’ll hear some highlights around the web, but here’s what we want to point out from it.

*Jason Licht said he graded out pretty high:

“I told my wife, Blair, ‘I gave him an A,”’ Licht said. “I thought it was a great day. He knew the offense already. He wasn’t overwhelmed.

“He was even a little ahead of the game. He was already trying to change protections. The coaches were like, ‘Wait up. Hold on.’

“You’re right. But the other guys aren’t there yet.”‘

Is Winston already locked in as Day 1 starter ahead of Mike Glennon?

“We drafted him No. 1 overall, so…” Licht didn’t need to finish.

*Several veterans texted Lovie Smith and Licht prior to the draft to say ‘look we don’t know which way you guys are leaning, but we want to play with Winston’ or something to that effect.

*Licht has a personal relationship with Dante Fowler Jr. and told him to keep his head up over a recent season-ending injury. Fowler replied with a text thanking him and to tell Jameis ‘what’s up’. Players like the guy.

*In 19 years as a scout, personnel director or general manager, Licht has never evaluated a player with a higher football IQ.

*Licht and Smith drafted Winston because he’s “special.”

There are a lot of other highlights in the article, and it sounds like the Buccaneers brass are leaking great reviews of Winston’s play early. That is what will make it out right now to the mainstream media and get consumed by the masses who choose to seek it out.

I guess those of us who love Jameis Winston should enjoy this while it lasts. This is the calm before the storm that all Quarterbacks face.


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