Buccaneers Waiver Claim D.J. Swearinger



The Buccaneers waiver claimed D.J. Swearinger after he was released by the Houston Texans. The Buccaneers received the first bite at the apple due to having a 2-14 record last season. Swearinger is a notorious big hitter who has some problems in the coverage aspect of the game, and was a second-round pick out of South Carolina in 2013.

Get to know him a little bit (football reference page here).

Here is his Scouting Report from NE Patriots Draft Site:

Swearinger is a well put together safety. On the shorter side but has a stout, physical build with good muscle tone and thickness throughout his frame. Shows very good playing strength has ability to take on lead blocks and blow them up. Can also get his hands on receivers and jam them at the line. Is moved all over the field and shows good laterally agility sliding to play the run, but he is much better when coming forward. Top end speed is average, but accelerates quickly when coming down hill and powerful at point of impact. Shows an explosive closing burst in run support, able to generate a lot of power.

Displays pretty good fluidity through his midsection, but doesn’t display the suddenness when changing direction. Takes him a second to get going because he plays flat-footed at times. Lacks long arms and length.

Coverage Ability
Swearinger is a physical defender when in coverage. He’s good at attacking crossing routes and throws in front of him. Shows the ability to time up his hits well. Receivers want to know where he is one the field. Gets moved all around the formation and has played both free and strong safety. Projects best to the traditional strong safety position. Can play closer to the line of scrimmage and can get jams of slot receivers or tight ends. When he fails to get a good jam, he gets beaten with stutter step. Not quick or sudden enough to play man coverage from the slot in the NFL. Plays responsibly in zone coverage, takes good angles and will come off his man to attack underneath throws. Swearinger has shown decent deep third ability, keeping the ball and receiver in front of him. When playing deep, he takes good angles and shows average range.

Can be a step late, but puts himself in position to make a tackle. I don’t believe he always trust his eyes or first instincts. Takes a step in the right direction, before hesitating and then breaking hard. Swearinger uses his hands well in coverage, challenges the receiver and makes the receiver work to separate. His hand use could be his biggest weakness in the NFL, relies on clutching and grabbing far too much. It will result in illegal contact penalties at NFL level. Doesn’t have great recovery speed, once the receiver is by him he struggles to catch up.

Vs. The Run
Aggressive and physical run defender. Swearinger does a good job of reading his keys and flying up to fill the running lane. Powerful tackler, goes for the kill shot and explodes through the ball carrier. Takes proper angles from across the field to track the outside run, will change speeds to adjust his angle. Can come up into the box as an edge defender. When doing so, reads contain and comes down the line hard and at a good angle to make the tackle. Very good blitzer off the edge, accelerates quickly and can finish. Strong enough to take on lead blocks, slide off and make the tackle.

In the open field he has a tendency to overrun the play and also miss tackles vs. elusive runners.

There’s more as well on the site.


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