Marcus Mariota begins Minicamp


Hey, just because we love Jameis Winston more than any other player doesn’t mean that we don’t have love for the guy who will be compared as his counterpart for the entirety of their careers.

Marcus Mariota’s on-field Tennessee Titans career began today, with the Titans minicamp. He was a little bit ‘anxious’ as he described it. But there are big fireworks on the horizon for the former Heisman Trophy Winner.

“It felt good. I was a little anxious. It’s been a long process, and to finally get on the field, you have that feeling,” Mariota said. “I just want to be myself, and that is getting to know the guys and putting in the hard work and learning the offense and trying to execute it.

“I am going to build relationship and try and enjoy this beautiful game that we play. I feel like everything I have done up to this point has prepared me for this.”

We are going to learn a lot about Mariota and Winston’s rivalry starting week one. We have just several short months until that September day. As someone who just enjoys the passing game, Mariota throwing to those big Titans receivers over the next few years should be a lot of fun to watch. He should be successful in the NFL.


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