Extra Point Tries moved to the 15-yard Line

After all the talk of rule changes, and talk of a three-point conversion, at the end of the day a simple rule change was made that allows the extra-point to survive.

Two-point conversions will continue to be snapped from the two-yard-line. However, defenses can now return fumbled or intercepted two-point tries for two points of their own. Blocked extra points can also be returned for two points.

According to the NFL’s Competition Committee, the extra point change is just for 2015, which could open the rule to be revisited in the future.

The rule passed 30-2, with Oakland and Washington voting against the measure, NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference announcing the change.

Previously, extra points were snapped from the two-yard-line, making it a 19- or 20-yard attempt. These ultra-short kicks, with very few exceptions, have been drama-lacking events.

As someone who is a traditionalist that loathes changes, I’m happy to see that there was no taking away the extra point. Yes, it’s unexciting and a formality and likely still will be – it will be interesting to see if any changes occur in the success rate of extra points in 2015. But I like the game as I knew it growing up. Let my kid’s generation see a completely new radical rule come into play.

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