Greg Cosell is talking Jameis Winston & Dirk Koetter

Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner has Greg Cosell writing for them – and Cosell is one of the best film men in the business at the present time. Cosell has some endorsing words for the Winston and Koetter marriage in Tampa Bay:

And the one thing about Winston is he’s willing to pull the trigger on throws. That’s a positive. And that makes it important that Winston has big targets to throw to. When you have size out there, those receivers can theoretically be open even when it looks like they’re covered. Winston will throw a pick every once in a while because he’s a rookie, but you don’t want to pull back on his conviction to pull the trigger. That’s who he is and that’s what his game is. Having Jackson and Evans will help.

One thing Koetter will have to determine is how good the offensive line is, because that will dictate how many deep drops he can call for Winston. You can argue the Buccaneers had one of the worst lines in the NFL last season, and they addressed that a bit in the offseason. But the one thing you don’t want to do with Winston, particularly because he’s not a naturally quick-twitch athlete, is get him in a situation where he gets hit a lot. If you get hit a lot early in your career you might start to see ghosts. The last thing you want a quarterback to do is anticipate and perceive pressure that isn’t there, so Koetter will have to keep that in mind with Winston.

Cosell talks about a lot of similarities between Matt Ryan and Jameis Winston, and points to the fact that the Buccaneers will need a running game to be successful.

Cosell ends his article by saying he believes Jameis Winston and Dirk Koetter are an excellent fit.

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