Junior Galette is one of the NFL’s scariest dudes


As a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I’m glad that Junior Galette is no longer in the division. This guy is known for his belt-whipping antics on a woman a few years back. Anybody that would do this, regardless of circumstance; is a cold blooded son of a bitch.

Galette – recently released by the Saints – was also a major source of problems in the Saints locker room. NOLA.com goes into detail on the story.

I would doubt that Galette gets back into the NFL. It’s amazing to think about some of the absolutely downright scary guys who play and have played in this league. Galette, Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth, Warren Sapp. A lot of these guys are just animals.

Jameis Winston’s Madden ’16 Rating is Revealed


I see you Madden, hiding every rookie face scan except Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota like usual.

Anyways, Jameis Winston was rated favorably by the disappointing video game franchise today.

Winston really impresses with 95 Throw Power and rookie-best 88 Throw Accuracy Short. He’s a threat to run with 81 Agility, 75 Strength, and 73 Speed.

I’m not sure I’ll play a game of Madden with anyone other than Jameis Winston this season. He’s given a rocket arm and decent enough speed for it to be a threat. Here’s the Madden rookies reacting to their ratings: