2015 Canton Hall of Fame Class



Football is back. It’s really back.

Tomorrow, the Steelers and Vikings play in the Hall of Fame Game about two hours up the road in Canton at Fawcett Stadium. You can bet on this game (Minnesota is about a 3.5 point favorite!) and from here forth, football action is underway.

My dad and sister were over – and my DVR didn’t catch Charles Haley which was the one guy I really wanted to see – but I caught parts of Tim Brown, Ron Wolf, Jerome Bettis and all of Junior Seau’s induction. I thought Sydney Seau was the highlight of the event that I saw – even though the NFL originally balked at her being able to speak on her deceased father’s behalf. Thumbs up for the NFL, because she paid tribute her father in a beautiful way.

This is always a celebration of some great careers, and I remember all of this class so well from my childhood. They’re forever legends now. And tonight is a celebration of great things beginning. I can’t wait to see what the 2015 season has in store.


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