It has begun: Jameis Winston’s Preseason Debut vs. Minnesota Vikings




[Highlight: Winston’s first completion as a pro]

Things began pretty rough for Jameis Winston – and became only slightly better. He did get in the end zone on his final play of the night; finishing 9 of 19 for 131 yards with an interception, and a rushing touchdown.

There’s not a ton you can take from this game and Winston really. He looked like a rookie. The line didn’t play well, as he was hit a few times and sacked once when the left tackle simply got beat – Winston was coming off play-action on this particular play.


His best throw of the night was the linked highlighted one. His first completion as a pro. The analysts remarked on his long delivery and how it may be a problem in the pros.

I thought that Winston showed surprisingly good mobility in the pocket, if I need to list a positive.

Demarr Dotson went down with a knee injury; no word at press time of how bad this injury was. It was not a special Saturday night or anything. There will be better nights, we hope for Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He had all eyes on him of the football world – before the game there was a ton of press for about an hour on NFL Network from Mariucci and the gang. And Jameis mostly underwhelmed.

But football is back. He’ll be playing every week for the next several months. And hopefully, we get a chance to see how phenomenal he is and some rookie growth from week to week.


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