Tampa Bay loses a slow one in Houston 19-9



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Game Notes:

*Really felt like it was an up and down game from Winston. He made a lot of pretty touch throws which you can see many of here. The interception was a bad one and set up a score for the Texans, who needed every score they could get.

*No, you don’t have the loss solely on Winston. But he just doesn’t seem like he’s going to be a guy who completes a very high percentage of his passes. He does seem to be able to be a winner who can stand in there and make plays. But he doesn’t have the mark of a guy who is going to have pretty stats. That said…

*The Bucs receivers dropped a ton of passes. Mike Evans was targeted I think I heard 17 times and came away with seven catches. He had a few very bad drops. Had one light push off on a long beautiful throw early in the game that was called back.

*Winston seems to be excellent at making touch throws. Like, as good as it gets. Where I don’t see the arm talent is the big-arm zip throws where he needs the RPM to rip it in to a tight window. He’s just ok there. I just haven’t seen it. Maybe I never saw it at Florida State.

*Doug Martin was as expected, a non-factor really. Martin had 14 carries for 46 yards. Sims wasn’t better with six carries for 11.

*Sims did have the headline-grabbing play I guess of the day for the Buccaneers with his touchdown off a short Winston pass. At that point it looked like the Bucs would possibly steal one.

*The Buccaneers defense hung in there all day long. Alfred Blue gashed them a little bit, but they got stops. They didn’t let Ryan Mallett hit things at critical junctures. They played well enough to win a game and just wore down.

*Kyle Brinzda is a problem. He hits a 58-yarder that would have been good from about 65 and then misses an extra point and a couple chip shots. Enigmatic kicker with a huge leg at best I think. Rather have a guy who can hit the ones he should make.

*Austin Seferian-Jenkins being out is going to be a problem. Luke Stocker and Brandon Myers just aren’t able to do the same type of things or take on the same type of role that Jenkins already exhibited, at least through a game.

*Jameis Winston didn’t get sacked today. Encouraging when you think about the heralded pass rush the Texans bring.

Here are the drops, courtesy of Tomahawk Nation.

*Not a lot of wow plays from Lavonte David or Gerald McCoy. McCoy appeared to get knicked.


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