This is the high-point in my adult life for the Cincinnati Bengals


[Game book]

[Andy Dalton highlights]

They have to be the lead story in all of football right now. The Cincinnati Bengals are 5-0 for the first time since 1988 (here is a look at that team, they started 6-0). They’ve now seemingly conquered all comers, beating the Seattle Seahawks in Cincinnati today 27-24 in overtime after falling behind to a 24-7 deficit.

I hate that I didn’t see this game. I was watching the Buccaneers. But Andy Dalton really did it all today, and to me; he’s the MVP right there with Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Dalton went 30 of 44 for 331 yards and two touchdowns, shaking off a tough interception early. He also ran it seven times for 18 yards and a rushing touchdown.

Dalton leads the NFL in passing yardage at the moment with 1,518 yards. He has 11 touchdowns to 2 interceptions for a 115.6 rating, third behind only Brady and Rodgers. He’s completed 67.5% of his passes. He is elite.

Dalton made about a half dozen breath-taking throws. He throws such a beautiful ball right now. “This is what you call ‘walking it to a man'” Troy Aikman remarked on the FOX national broadcast from up in the booth after he dropped one in the bucket to A.J. Green.

This is a fun, very good Bengals team. Tyler Eiffert is a man amongst boys right now, adding 90 yards and two more touchdowns on perfectly thrown balls by Dalton.

Some writers are saying the Bengals are now in the Superbowl conversation. Without a doubt, I agree. Yahoo Shutdown Corner echoed the same sentiments.

I can’t wait until next Sunday to sit down and watch them head to Buffalo at my mom’s house, just like the old days when my family would gather at my grandma’s and watch the Bengals together. This is a team worthy of that type of attention.


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