Carolina Panthers 8-0 after Dismantling Packers in Charlotte


[Panthers 37, Packers 29]

[Sports Illustrated] [ESPN] [Charlotte Observer]

[Cam Newton Highlights] [Newton to Funchess TD] [Newton to Olsen TD] [Newton to Brown TD]

This is the Carolina Panthers season; Cam Newton’s season that everyone has waited on. This will be the season on the back of the card that you remember forever, no matter how it ends up.

Newton threw beautiful ball after beautiful ball to lead the Panthers to their first 8-0 start in team history last Sunday. He ran for a touchdown, and while he was just 15 of 30, he continued the ‘win ugly’ Panthers mantra, also running for a touchdown and getting the Panthers off to a fast start in driving right down the field and getting on the board first.

Newton is everywhere right now. With 14 TD’s and 9 INT’s and five touchdowns on the ground, he’s a candidate for MVP with the cast of characters that he’s doing this with.

One game at a time; the Panthers go to Tennessee this week to take on an upstart Titans team that did them a favor knocking off the New Orleans Saints in overtime in New Orleans last week.

The Panthers are two games up on homefield advantage in the NFC, and Newton was named NFL offensive player of the week.


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