Tampa Bay falls in home finale to Chicago 26-21


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers found a way to lose a similar type game that they have fallen victim to losing many times this season. It was a winnable game, and Tampa was off and rolling when Doug Martin punched in a short touchdown to go up 7-0 and Jameis Winston hit Charles Sims on a broken down coverage for a 50-yard touchdown. Tampa held a 14-13 lead at that point, but Winston threw a damning interception late and Chicago proved to be plenty scrappy under John Fox to hang onto the lead.

Battling until the end of the game and trying to keep folks like me alive in their fantasy football playoffs, Jameis Winston kept firing until he found Austin Seferian-Jenkins on a Hail Mary at the end of the game even with the outcome determined. Winston has done this two weeks in a row. The guy has the heart of a Lion and simply never stops battling no matter how far his team is down. This may be his best quality I have seen this rookie season where he has thrown now 22 touchdown passes; his guile and his guts. The Buccaneers close out their home schedule but clearly have an arrow pointing up next season.

Winston finished 15 of 29 for 295 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. This throw to Cameron Brate was just one of the good ones that will get lost in memories in the losing effort.

Chip Kelly is fired in Philadelphia


The biggest asshole in the NFL is unemployed. The Philadelphia Eagles have fired Chip Kelly after back-to-back home blowout losses to Arizona and Washington.

This took place now so the Eagles could get a jump on the best head coaches available to assume the new opening, and reports are that Jeffrey Lurie wanted Chip Kelly to relinquish roster control and Kelly would not do so.

Jay Glazer reports that Kelly wants to remain in the NFL and does not expect full control. It would be interesting if Kelly were to get aligned with Marcus Mariota in Tennessee.

It’s Sunday


It’s Sunday, and it’s already week 16 in the NFL. I can’t believe that there are just two weeks of NFL Sunday’s regular season remaining. Today, I am involved in three fantasy football championships. The Carolina Panthers are vying for 15-0 in Atlanta.

The Buccaneers play their final home game of the year in Tampa against the Chicago Bears. The Patriots are in New Jersey (with my wife and my baby as well who are home celebrating their Christmas).

Enjoy your Sunday!

Jordan Reed is a monster, Redskins hold 23-17 lead


Jordan Reed has nine catches for 129 yards and two touchdowns, staking the Redskins to a 23-17 lead in a rainy Philadelphia night. Demarco Murray and Ryan Mathews have both punched in touchdowns for Philadelphia. And Murray just fumbled the game away, Redskins touchdown by Deangelo Hall to make it 30-17.

Fletcher Cox has two sacks.

The officiating has been absolutely abhorrent tonight. Zach Ertz ‘fumbled’ a call that was reviewed and he was clearly down, yet the crew did not overturn it. Another pretty close to a catch was made by Riley Cooper and it was reviewed and upheld. Sometimes I hate the NFL.

You Can’t Beat Saturday NFL Games

It’s Saturday night in Philly. I’ve got the Eagles -3 queued up, and you really can’t beat late season NFL football on a Saturday. I miss this so much from when I was a kid. I have to give major props to the National Football League and their figureheads for giving us this sacred part of the past back.

The Eagles started fast with a 1-yard touchdown run by Ryan Mathews to go up 7-0. I am pulling for Philadelphia tonight not only because I have money on them, but because my wife’s New York Giants need Philadelphia to beat the Redskins tonight and then have to beat them next week; AND hope the Dallas Cowboys get past Washington to send the Giants to the playoffs.

I could use a big game out of Fletcher Cox as well, and Jordan Reed.

Merry Christmas Football Fans


While reading this post on Pro Football Talk, I was reflecting on my own white whale gift that signifies Christmas to me. To me, it was the 1994 Brett Favre Starting Lineup Figure from Kenner. My grandparents got it for me that year for Christmas when they returned from Florida. Brett Favre was enjoying a 1995 MVP season and was on top of the football world.

I’m much older, but this time of year and the memories live on warmly in my heart forever. I have always loved football this time of year, how it blends perfectly into the holiday season and creates memories that go alongside all the magic of your holiday.

So I take a moment today to pause and thank the Lord for the memories of the past and the fact I’m still here being able to enjoy the present and all the blessings I have that I certainly fall short of deserving.

Gil Brandt pairs legends leaving the league with new fixtures

I was driving around last night doing about five hours of Christmas shopping by myself. I got through it. On the way home I was blessed with getting to listen to old Gil Brandt on Sirius XM NFL. What a treat I thought to myself to unwind on Christmas Eve Eve. I really love Gil Brandt.

He’s doing some writing these days for NFL.com, and his latest post features the games stars that will soon leave the league with the younger star that will replace them. Here is my favorite:

QB: Tom Brady will be replaced by Cam Newton
Brady has been so good for so long, you hope the Patriots QB never leaves the league. But of course, no one can really play forever. Newton is having his best season, posting a passer rating of 98.7 and a 14-0 record despite working with the Panthers’ subpar receiving corps. And he’s still just learning the position, given that he came into the NFL with relatively little college experience. He’s taken huge strides in 2015, improving his footwork and learning to finesse the ball when needed. He’s a huge ground threat, having never rushed for less than 500 yards in any given season. And, like Brady, he’s a proven winner with some big-time victories on his résumé.

Nothing with Jameis Winston involved; and I think Josh Norman who he mentions will replace Revis is more like Charles Woodson. But it’s cool to think that Cam Newton could be the new star of the entire game.