Gil Brandt pairs legends leaving the league with new fixtures

I was driving around last night doing about five hours of Christmas shopping by myself. I got through it. On the way home I was blessed with getting to listen to old Gil Brandt on Sirius XM NFL. What a treat I thought to myself to unwind on Christmas Eve Eve. I really love Gil Brandt.

He’s doing some writing these days for, and his latest post features the games stars that will soon leave the league with the younger star that will replace them. Here is my favorite:

QB: Tom Brady will be replaced by Cam Newton
Brady has been so good for so long, you hope the Patriots QB never leaves the league. But of course, no one can really play forever. Newton is having his best season, posting a passer rating of 98.7 and a 14-0 record despite working with the Panthers’ subpar receiving corps. And he’s still just learning the position, given that he came into the NFL with relatively little college experience. He’s taken huge strides in 2015, improving his footwork and learning to finesse the ball when needed. He’s a huge ground threat, having never rushed for less than 500 yards in any given season. And, like Brady, he’s a proven winner with some big-time victories on his résumé.

Nothing with Jameis Winston involved; and I think Josh Norman who he mentions will replace Revis is more like Charles Woodson. But it’s cool to think that Cam Newton could be the new star of the entire game.


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