Merry Christmas Football Fans


While reading this post on Pro Football Talk, I was reflecting on my own white whale gift that signifies Christmas to me. To me, it was the 1994 Brett Favre Starting Lineup Figure from Kenner. My grandparents got it for me that year for Christmas when they returned from Florida. Brett Favre was enjoying a 1995 MVP season and was on top of the football world.

I’m much older, but this time of year and the memories live on warmly in my heart forever. I have always loved football this time of year, how it blends perfectly into the holiday season and creates memories that go alongside all the magic of your holiday.

So I take a moment today to pause and thank the Lord for the memories of the past and the fact I’m still here being able to enjoy the present and all the blessings I have that I certainly fall short of deserving.


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