Cam Newton & Panthers wrap up 15-1 dream season with 38-10 win over Tampa



[Cam Newton Highlights]  [Charlotte Observer]

Cam Newton went 21 of 26 for 293 yards and two passing touchdowns to end the season on 35, and two more rushing touchdowns. The Panthers blew away Tampa Bay in Charlotte with the game being a 4:25 PM start time, so it made for a nice little Sunday after watching Tom Coughlin’s presumptive finale in New York earlier in the day with my wife.

Jameis Winston didn’t throw any touchdown passes today, he did rush for one; but he also threw for 325 more yards to eclipse 4,000 on the season. He also got on his teammates after the game, questioning their fire to win.

If this was the last Panthers win of the season, it was such a wonderful regular season. It’s hard to imagine again in his career that Cam Newton and Carolina will string together a season in which they go 15-1, win 14 in a row, and Newton puts up eye-popping numbers that wins him an MVP award.

Newton hit touchdowns to Devin Funchess and Jericho Cotchery on beautiful throws in this game. There’s just no one in the game of football that throws the ball in a prettier fashion than Cam Newton.

Now, Carolina waits for a date with likely either the Seattle Seahawks or; well it’s going to be the Seahawks. A team I fear that will knock them off after disposing of the Minnesota Vikings next week.


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