It’s Cold in Minneapolis


It’s colder than Billy Hell in Minneapolis right now for the Seahawks-Vikings Wildcard playoff game. If you can’t get a game in the snow, the cold is the second best thing for television viewing.

The Vikings (who I wouldn’t mind seeing win this game because of my love for the Panthers) hold an early 3-0 lead over the Seahawks after being gifted great field position off a botched punt snap. Teddy Bridgewater has started 6 of 9 for 50 yards with a lot of underneath throws moving the chains. I love me some Teddy Bridgewater.

I have Seattle though in this game for betting purposes, which is going to of course make things interesting. I have them +5 with the under 48.5 in a tease, and -4 (bought a point) in a separate bet. I am mildly nervous but I don’t see Minnesota winning this game.

Before the game it was said this was the third coldest game in NFL history up there in Siberia.


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