Cortez Kennedy 1968 – 2017

Another figure from my childhood has passed at only age of 48, Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy. The cause of death or any related illness has not been released, but Tom Flores was on Sirius XM this afternoon with Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn when I was driving home; and he speculated that Kennedy had diabetes.

When I was a kid, I will always remember Kennedy from the NFL on ESPN commercial with Boomer Esiason where the kids are singing in chorus “Ya gotta watch the games are great…..” and the song continued on, and towards the end of the commercial the kids sing “Ya gotta watch or you’re a louse… and Mr. Cortez Kennedy will find your house”. I remember thinking about how scary it would be to have Cortez Kennedy, a monster of a man; looking for my house. The tune stuck in my head forever.

The NFL world has reacted and obviously 48 is far too young for a former pro athlete to just die of natural causes. RIP Cortez and prayers up to your family.


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