Cowboys Pass Rusher David Irving faces 4-game Suspension for PED’s


David Irving, the Compton Kid who I saw take over a couple games last season when I had the Cowboys on television that David Irving was taking the game over, looking like a dominating pass rusher. It made me say to myself ‘man, the Cowboys really have it all right now’.

Now Irving faces a possible four game suspension from the league for PED usage. I think this stuff is incredibly prevalent in the league. I think certain guys are abstinent from trouble on this type of thing; and I think an incredibly high percentage of the league is on some type of steroids or growth hormone. I think the NFL does what they can to control it; but I’m not naive like when I was a kid about this stuff.

I was down on the field before a Bengals and Browns game a few years ago. They guys were so big they were superhuman looking, mutant looking. It’s not natural.

It is interesting to see how many guys the Cowboys have lost here and there for time periods on the Defensive Line for PED suspensions.


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