Dak Has Brought me Back

I said it a long time ago; but Dak Prescott was a guy who I just immediately loved. I watched a lot of their games last season, and the guy just caught my eye. Down to the bitter end in Dallas with the heroic comeback against the Packers in the 34-31 loss – he was special. To me, as a Cowboy; he seemed like a guy I could latch on to and love forever. I am going to be a Dallas Cowboys fan going forward. Now and forever.

I will be writing exclusively about the Cowboys from here onward, and the entire NFL when the right story comes along. It’s time to Make The Nosebleeds NFL Blog great again. I’m going to pour my heart and soul into this.

I ordered my Dak Prescott figure tonight off Clarktoys, I’ll be getting Madden this year and chronicling my franchise play on that here, and I’m going to get a Dak Prescott jersey.

Here’s the schedule I live by in Fall 2017:

Couple schedule highlights:

WEEK 1 vs. New York Giants: Home opener on Sunday Night football against my wife’s pride and joy team. The kids will be in bed. I will be parked in front of my television to watch the Cowboys start 1-0 at the greatest stadium in the world, AT&T. The Cowboys open as a +900 favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl against the mighty Patriots. This is where it begins.

WEEK 5 vs. Packers: Revenge game. Right now, I can tell you the Cowboys are going to want the shit out of Aaron Rodgers and this game. I cannot wait until they get their shot. Things didn’t end as they should of ended last January in Dallas. This is payback.

WEEK 8 at Washington: Halloween. Dad might go as Jerry Jones this year. But it’s actually a few days before Halloween. But it’s Halloween weekend. And the Cowboys get their hated rival on that away turf. It’s going to be fun to hate the Redskins again on a weekly basis. The late 4:25 start helps.

WEEK 9 vs. Kansas City: This is my birthday game! Traditionally, my team always puts up big fight the weekend of or before my birthday. Things seem to have a little extra magic. Will we get Prescott vs. Mahomes? One can only hope. But this i a quality opponent and a late 4:25 start is quality. I might even wiggle out of bath night. Chilli and cake, please.

WEEK 12 vs. Los Angeles Chargers: The Turkey Day Game. We will likely be in New Jersey. I’ll get to try to wrestle two kids, eat, visit my wife’s entire family; and somehow still see this game. Traditionally in New Jersey on Thanksgiving I miss the entire Lions game, and see some of the Cowboys game. It’s a tradition I just can’t let go of. Prescott dazzled last year on Thanksgiving and I watched a lot of it at my mothers in beating the Redskins 31-26.  He’s still never turned the ball over on Turkey Day and he’s 1-0. It’s time to start a streak, against the glitz and glamour of of Los Angeles’ new football team.

WEEK 16 vs. Seattle: This one should be a beauty, and it’s a shame that on Christmas Eve we won’t be able to really soak in football for the second year in a row. I’ll have to miss a lot of this because of church, so I’ll need to turn off the cell phone and DVR it or something so I can come home and see who won. There’s no one I hate more than Seattle in the game. This will be a dogfight, with playoff positioning on the line. I already won’t be surprised to see Seattle pull this one out and spoil the night before Christmas; because that’s what Seattle does. Whacky fuck finish coming just before cookies are laid out for Harper and Brody. This will be a physical test for my Cowboys.

WEEK 17 at Philadelphia: Closing down shop against a team with high expectations and an equally flashy young QB in Carson Wentz. My guess is Dallas has the division title wrapped up, and Philadelphia is fighting to get in. This game will mean something and guys won’t be resting. It’s a 1:00 start, and it’s New Year’s Eve! So I’ll probably see it. I don’t love football on Christmas eve, but I do love it on New Years Eve! It’s the way it should be. This must mean College Football isn’t doing the bowl playoffs on New Years eve this year.

I’m sad to see that the Cowboys don’t get a Saturday December game, because I love those. But with Romo gone, Dak and Zeke as the future; and some of the new breed like Taco Charlton out of Michigan joining the force at AT&T which is Camelot; this should be the greatest season ever upcoming. I cannot wait.


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