More on Dak Prescott and 2017

I remember the week I said to myself the Cowboys had something special going; the moment I bought in and said this is a badass team, that can hit you in the mouth in a physical war on the road and take it to anyone in the NFL. 

That was week 10 in Pittsburgh. The Steelers were favored by -3, and I was on the wrong side of this one from the get-go. The Cowboys would prevail 35-30 in a wild game, in one of the marquee games of the entire season. I watched it with my dad, and he’s not really even a big football fan. He even got to saying ‘wow’ with what he saw. Here is every Dak Prescott throw from that game.

The Cowboys young superstar went 22 of 32 on that day, for 319 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions.

You definitely remember Zeke Elliot taking that early dump pass 83 yards to the house. Then he hit Dez Bryant with the bomb late to kind of show you that the Cowboys weren’t just in the game, they were going to take the whole damn thing. It was their 8th straight win. It was incredible.

Prescott; as everyone knows, finished the season with 23 touchdowns to 4 interceptions. A 104.9 rating challenged somewhat for the passing title and set a rookie record.

But now there’s talk of Dak Prescott regressing for 2017, and that’s why oddsmakers are slighting the Cowboys in win totals a little bit in addition to their tough schedule coming up.

Of all the convenient excuses to knock the Cowboys, this is the worst. Dak Prescott showed that he was a special player and person last year, why would any of that change in year two? Because defenses have a “book” on him now?

Defenses have a book on Carson Wentz too, but there’s no mention of him regressing. Apparently, only Dak will take a step back. By the way, teams also had a book on Andrew Luck, Derek Carr, Peyton Manning, and a whole host of other quarterbacks that have come through the league. Bring up the name Robert Griffin III all you like, but comparisons to Prescott rings hollow. Dak has a much better build, feel and mind for the game than Bob did, so that assessment is lazy and inaccurate.

There’s another prevailing thought that has been thrown around the NFL for the last 20-30 years; a player makes the most improvements from year one to year two. But again, that doesn’t seem to apply to Prescott.

It’s a complete joke to say the Cowboys are going to take a step back because of Dak Prescott.

Well said.

Dak says this is his team. He’s got the swagger and the moxy to come back and not only improve, but challenge for the MVP award and win the Super Bowl in his second season if the supporting cast complies.

Most shining of all, the Gold Standard football website out there; Pro Football Focus, has ranked Prescott as the best NFL QB under 25. WOW.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (2016 PFF overall grade: 84.9)

Seemingly a contrarian pick right of the gate, but no QB currently under 25 earned a higher grade than Dak Prescott did in 2016. Some will say he wasn’t asked to do much, but I don’t believe it matters, as he played nearly-flawless football. Only Patriots QB Tom Brady took better care of the ball in 2016, and Prescott’s nine turnover-worthy throws were significantly lower than both Winston and Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota. What’s more, Prescott’s 14 big-time-throws were right on par with Winston’s 16.

FOURTEEN big time throws. Only Brady took better care of the ball. Sky is the damn limit. Shit, I love the Cowboys and Dak!


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