Pat Kirwan of Sirius XM NFL Radio on what he would do with Derek Carr’s Contract

Pat Kirwan is one of my favorite voices in radio. In terms of the NFL, I could listen to him talk about grass. He and Gil Brandt are my 1. and 1a.

I was getting ready to mow my yard when I heard a sound byte of him and what he would do with Derek Carr’s contract. He was asked by co-host Jim Miller “is Derek Carr worth $21 or $22 million per year?”

Kirwan responded:

“Ok, I could do Derek Carr’s deal right now. It’s simple. I would offer him enough money so that he’s the 11th most highest paid QB in the NFL right now. I would put in clauses that if they reach and win the AFC Championship Game, he moves to five. And if they win the Super Bowl, we’re going to make you the top paid QB in the NFL.”

It’s probably not quite that simple when you’re negotiating with the agent. I mean do these clauses exist every year?

This is probably what the Raiders are feeling. They know Carr is one of the best in the NFL, but does he deserve the top dollars? He’s certainly as good as Andrew Luck who is making around $24M a year. The Raiders need to get this done, because it’s not going to become any less of a topic.

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