Trouble in Seattle for the Legion of Boom

Seth Wickersham has a great story about trouble with the Seattle Seahawks/Pete Carroll/Richard Sherman/Russell Wilson over at ESPN. It’s getting some serious talk (I heard about it on Sirius XM NFL Radio while going to get some White Castle to eat in the middle of the America’s Game marathon).

  • Sherman talks about playing in New England or Dallas…. even mentions he dreamed of playing with Marshawn Lynch again in New England. How about Oakland?
  • Sherman isn’t going anywhere.
  • It is interesting to see that Russell Wilson isn’t loved by teammates. It’s also becoming clear he’s reached his ceiling and is yet another guy I thought was a Hall of Fame talent who may just be short of that. It just hasn’t happened like I thought it would.
  • I think the Seahawks are in for a huge, competitive year in 2017. I wouldn’t fade them if I was betting their win total. I would take the over, in light of this public report.

You should give this a read. It will be interesting to see how the Seahawks rollin 2017, one of the more interesting storylines in the NFL. A lot of people think this is the last ride for them before the window closes for good.

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