More Derek Carr Extension Fodder

The Ringer has been churning out consistently good material lately. Today’s big article asks the question ‘Should the Raiders give Derek Carr a record extension’.

The article makes a case for both sides and which side is going to blink. It compares Carr favorably to Andrew Luck. Then it breaks down the bottom line:

So, when all these chips get thrown onto the table over the next seven-odd weeks, will a deal get done? It comes down to the balance of power in the negotiation: Long term, Carr has all the leverage. He’s one of the rarest commodities on earth — a young, ascending franchise quarterback — and if Oakland can’t or won’t pay him what he wants, he should get it from some other team once he hits the open market. But in the short term, the Raiders hold significant leverage as well, because they can just franchise-tag him until 2020, at least.

God, talk of franchise-tagging him is just depressing. Please, don’t go that route Raiders. Just this once, do this competently. Lock the guy up, because he deserves it and he’s your true cornerstone. Then worry about the defensive player in Khalil Mack and his monster extension next year.

The Raiders finally have a team that has all it’s ducks in a row and ready to challenge the mighty Patriots; which is an exciting thought and compelling storyline. Just take care of the top guy you have and go from there letting the chips fall where they may. The author seems to relax the reader at the end of the article with this:

But for Raiders fans stressing over the potential loss of the team’s most important player, the odds are slim to none that we’ll see the talented passer in anything but silver and black for a very long time. They already got to see what it was like last season to not have Carr; there’s just no way that McKenzie or Del Rio will risk losing their quarterback again.

Let’s hope he’s right. Until the ink is on the paper, I’m not so sure or settled.


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